Dental implants are a replacement of the tooth root made of titanium. Titanium has the ability to create a strong bond with the bone (osseointegration). The implant can be used by the dentist to replace one or more teeth, and for patients who have lost all of their teeth.

The advantages of implants are:

  • stability, like natural teeth
  • aesthetics
  • no drilling of adjacent teeth is required
  • bone loss reduction
  • dentures stabilization
  • life quality improvement

Implants are appropriate for all ages, after recording the medical history of the patient. A prerequisite is a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) of the patient, for a three-dimensional image of the jaws. The placement of implants is a relatively painless procedure performed with local anaesthesia.

Implants require a period of about 2-6 months for their full osseointegration depending on the case. Then we proceed to the fabrication of the crown. In many cases, when patients have very good bone quality, the placement of the implant and crown can be made directly, namely at the same time. This results in the restoration of one or even all lost tooth in minimum time.

Implants may be used as supports for removable dentures, achieving excellent stability.

Large value differentiations in implants are mainly due to the quality of implants; in our clinic, we use implants of the companies MIS and Straumann.

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