Tooth whitening is a method performed by the dentist in order to change the colour of teeth, making them whiter and more glowing. Two techniques are used for whitening. The first is the whitening that takes place in the dental clinic by the dentist, and the second is that made at home by the patient.

The whitening procedure in the dental clinic lasts about an hour. Depending on the results, whitening can be repeated in a future session. The advantage of this technique is immediate.

The whitening process at home starts from moulding and manufacture of the special whitening trays (mouthpieces). At the next appointment the dentist evaluates the colour and condition of the patient's teeth and supplies them with the appropriate whitening material. The duration of this technique is approximately 10 -15 days.

In addition, the two techniques can be combined for faster and better results. Dental trays can be used long after a long period, for preserving the result. The results of whitening last about 1-2 years, but also depends greatly on the habits of each patient (smoking, drinks, oral hygiene).

Before performing the whitening, is a dental cleaning is required in order to remove dental plaque, to allow the action of the materials placed on the teeth surface.

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